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From home studio vibes to residual riches!

With over 17 years of musical expertise, I'm Lann, the Writer—an independent sync licensing songwriter, producer, and author. Whether composing groundbreaking music for global networks or guiding musicians toward financial freedom, I embrace it all. Join me on this creative journey, and I'll gladly serve as your expert guide—transforming passion into profits. Feel free to explore my website and get to know me better.

What's Up Musicians!

1.) Does your music journey feel stuck in low gear?

2.) Are you struggling to turn your music into income?

3.) Tired of earning crummy pennies for your music streams?

Don't worry, Ive been there & Im here to help!

It was extremely difficult breaking into the music industry in the beginning, but then this happened...

In 2008 my life changed and BOOM!

There it was – my first BIG music check courtesy of Disney, featuring my song as the heartbeat of a global advertising campaign for Disney & Bandai's Tamagotchi toy launch. I was so happy but in complete shock.

Back then, I had zero knowledge about Sync Licensing—it was like speaking an alien language. But guess what? I cracked the code!

From pulling studio all-nighters and surviving on ramen noodles TO EARNING THOUSANDS consistently, all while rocking my PJs in my home studio. Now, that's an upgrade!

To spare you the details of my painful music journey in its early stages- we'll skip that story, but know this—it wasn't always peaches & cream.

Sync Licensing wasn't just a big paycheck; it rescued me from the musician's struggle. It was my VIP ticket to a world where my passion led to financial success—a breakthrough I desperately needed.

Are you ready to transform your music journey too? if so, you're in the right place!

Ready to Turn Your Musical Passion into Big Money Moves? 


The Sync Licensing Masterclass

What Exactly is Sync Licensing?

Sync Licensing is the act of synchronizing, or "synching," a piece of music with any form of visual media, such as movies, TV shows, commercials, advertisements, video games, podcasts, and more.

As a musician in sync licensing, you are paid to feature your music in these various types of visual media.

The game changer is that you continually earn residual income each time your music appears on screen.

Imagine your tunes making waves on TV, all while you reap the rewards.

Ready to explore the world of Sync Licensing and open up new possibilities for your music?

Can U Say Cha-Ching?

----- Sync fees are the immediate upfront payouts that musicians receive when they license their music.

----- Sync fees are paid out in addition to backend, residual royalty payments.

Sync Licensing is open to all musicians!

  • Bands

  • Artists

  • Songwriters

  • Producers

Let's Elevate Your Music Journey!


Explore a selection of movies and TV shows that feature Lann's licensed music.

While these are LANN's achievements, the Sync Licensing Masterclass is your guide to landing placements in PROJECTS JUST LIKE THESE!

Your Instructor

Meet Orlandria Johnson, widely known as LANN the Writer - a musical marvel with over 17 years of expertise. Think of her as a musical chef, blending beats, lyrics, and creativity into a delicious dish.

Founder of Pineal Music and the creative force behind the Sync Licensing Masterclass, LANN specializes in curating innovative music that graces top-tier film, broadcasting, and streaming platforms globally.

Ever wondered about those catchy tunes in your favorite TV shows? Yep, she’s the mastermind behind it! With a knack for catchy hooks and lyrical brilliance, she has composed cutting-edge music for the world's leading networks like NBC, MTV, FOX, BET and DISNEY. (+many more)

LANN has collaborated with Grammy legends and industry giants such as Ceelo Green, Bob James & Phil Tan.

Her music resonates on award-winning streaming services such as NETFLIX, HULU, APPLE TV, and AMAZON PRIME VIDEO, enchanting listeners from all walks of life.

Her work, marked by unparalleled quality and swift turnaround times, is the preferred choice for esteemed Labels and Music Supervisors.

But that's not all—beyond the realm of music, LANN is a prolific author, crafting captivating ebooks and heartwarming children's books. Her gift of storytelling extends beyond melodies, bringing captivating narratives to readers young and old.

And now, she's on a mission: A mission to share her secrets and empower fellow musicians by turning their music into not just art, but residual paychecks. Step into a world where melodies pave the way to income, and dreams become reality with LANN as your guide.

TESTIMONIALS: Grammy Experts Speak on LANNtheWRITER


5-time GRAMMY award recipient

"Lann is one of the most consistent & consummate music professionals I've ever had the pleasure of working with. You'd be benefiting yourself to brush paths with her."

— Ceelo Green


3-time GRAMMY nominated artist

"I’ve been working and writing with Lann For over 14 years. I was blessed to do some amazing syncs with her for huge brands like BANDAI. She has taught me so much about music and writing"

— Asiahn


3-time GRAMMY award recipient

"Understanding Sync Licensing is a must for any music maker looking to maximize the potential of their creations, and Lann presents her knowledge in a clear, practical manner that will give you an edge over the competition"

— Phil Tan


American Singer/Songwriter & American Idol Finalist

"Not only is she an amazing person to work with, but as a human being she has always remained consistent no matter how much she's accomplished! Humble, honorable, & gifted! It's such an honor to work with her!"

— Ashthon Jones

5 Star Review

Five Time Grammy Award Winner Ceelo Green Gives Stamp Of Approval For LANNtheWRITER

Let’s feature your amazing music in:

Movies | Tv shows | Commercials | Ads | Video Games | Podcasts & more




-Unlock the music industry's best-kept secrets!

THE SYNC LICENSING MASTERCLASS COURSE is an all-in-one guide for musicians, whether you're pursuing it as a full-time career or a rewarding side hustle! 

-Discover how to get paid to feature your music!

Feature your music in movies, TV shows, video games, advertisements, podcasts and more. Jumpstart your Sync Licensing journey today with our in-depth online course and turn your musical passion into instant opportunities and big money moves!


The Sync Licensing Masterclass Course (ONE-TIME PURCHASE)



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"Complete beginner here. When I came across this course I had no idea what Sync Licensing was or how to get started. I've always wondered how people got their music in movies & commercials, but I never knew that I could make so much money from it. This course opened my eyes to soooo many new possibilities with my music. I've landed a contract with a huge music licensing platform (Musicbed) & its definately thanks to The Sync Licensing Masterclass course. By the time anyone reads this testimonial, I will prob be rolling in the dough!"

— Shasta Carter

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"I was skeptical but I decided to take the course anyway to give my music journey one last shot. It was THE BEST money I could've ever spent. It took me about 3 weeks to land my first placement. I followed the course instructions down to the detail! Im so excited for the future as I continue to rake in more musical placements!"

— Fabian Scales

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"Pineal Music’s Sync Licensing MasterClass is hands down the most valuable, comprehensive and helpful course I have taken to better understand the sync industry! It was packed with tangible resources and a clear cut blueprint to launch a successful and legitimate career in this business as an independent artist. Not to mention Orlandia’s sheer enthusiasm, professionalism, knowledge and willingness to share her journey is genuine and heartfelt. I have no doubt that if I am consistent and follow the information provided, I will land my first placement very soon. Highly recommend to artist looking to break into this industry!" 

Desiree Devonne Smith AKA—Des Divine